Lorry and I aren’t dead, but we are so consumed with projects and jobs that we don’t really have time to post on here as much as we’d like. Hopefully that will change soon. 

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions or submit photos of your lovely cameras! You guys are holding out!


Leica M3.
As some of you know, I don’t know how to wink. I’ve decided I’m going to learn.

L1003822 by H.M.Lenßtalk on Flickr.

Minolta SRT101 by TrueLoveOne on Flickr.


Smile pretty.

you know dat camera dead


Really great studio session shooting vintage furniture with @Chairish.


I want to take this photography business thing to another level and i’d need the help of a few people to get things of the ground. If there’s anyone out there in the Los Angeles area that’s a photographer, make up artist, director, hair/wardrobe stylist or just someone who’d like to get some shooting experience, please message me! 

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L1008160 by aah88 on Flickr.


Retro is the new cool.


hasselblad stellar